Episode 1

John speaks from 14:30-18:30.

Episode 2

John speaks from 9:40-16:30.

Episode 3

John speaks from 16:45-22:30.

Episode 4

John speaks from 17:45-23:00.

Episode 5

John speaks from 11:30-17:40

We discuss how we can help with the bank can no longer. The bank solution is only one solution, we are the bank solution and a multiple of other solutions. What happens when you can’t sell your home and you have purchased a property – we have helped numerous clients in this scenario.

Episode 6

John speaks from 13:30-16:40

We discuss how we save the day with couples that are separating and provide insight during mediation or lawyer settlement conferences to provide the Separation Mortgage insight. With our help both clients have a win-win when it comes to the mortgage.

Episode 7

John speaks from 8:50-14:40

This week’s show, we discuss how we help decrease anxiety levels by providing insight with mortgage during a separation and post separation. What do you do when you need to speak with your mortgage broker during a mediation or settlement conference and you need a quick mortgage answer? Always best to involves us early in the process and avoid headaches.

Episode 8

John speaks from 15:40

What happens during Grey Divorce and how can we assist with people in their 60s and are separated and need a mortgage?

How does having a high-net worth help you qualify for a mortgage even though you can’t qualify using traditional income. We always suggest to clients and mortgage seekers to be well rounded by having a positive cashflow, invest in RRSPs, TFSAs and asset building life insurance as an example – this will help you in the future if you separate or not regardless if you need a mortgage. Contact us for a strategy session today!