Well, as a product it may not be unlike any other mortgage what makes it different is the difficult and complex emotional and financial situation in which they are shopped for, negotiated and secured. As Separation Mortgage Experts, we understand.

Separation and divorce is something that has either directly or indirectly touched almost everybody’s lives and confronts people with new realities that deeply touch almost every aspect of their lives. It is often over-whelming and we are here to help. As Separation Mortgage experts we are focused on helping provide financial solutions and mortgages when they matter most.

We founded this specialized category (read our story) within mortgage finance brokering to address the specific needs of people undergoing separation and trying to find the best way forward. It is based a truly unique, compassionate approach to client service and there are no additional fees associated with our unique expertise versus traditional mortgage brokering – just a better experience and, most often, a better result.

Through our Collaborative Practice Training and Accreditation, we are uniquely qualified to work with all stakeholders (including lawyers and banks) to find the best solutions for clients and their families as they manage their lives moving forward. We engage early and often in the process and will both endure and advocate before and after the transaction as long-term partners.

Let’s face it, separation and divorce are are a part of life and just one of the modern realities that are changing the mortgage finance business and underscoring the real need for a more modern approach and the higher level of specialization that we are proud to provide. Please contact our founder, John Panagakos today – inside or outside of business hours on his personal mobile at 416-570-5646.