What is a separation mortgage?

What is a separation mortgage?

Well, as a product it may not be unlike any other mortgage what makes it different is the difficult and complex emotional and financial situation in which they are shopped for, negotiated and secured. As Separation Mortgage Experts, we understand.

Separation and divorce is something that has either directly or indirectly touched almost everybody’s lives and confronts people with new realities that deeply touch almost every aspect of their lives. It is often over-whelming and we are here to help. As Separation Mortgage experts we are focused on helping provide financial solutions and mortgages when they matter most.

Meet John Panagakos

The Separation Mortgages Expert

John Panagakos is the go-to mortgage agent in Canada for “Separation Mortgages.” He created and pioneered this unique approach to securing mortgages for clients-in-need, more than a decade ago.

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John Panagakos

Navigating complex financial realities with ease

As a Separation Mortgage Expert, John specializes in helping people overcome the obstacles they will encounter and will make this process as seamless as possible.

A collaborative approach with financial expertise

John is collaboratively trained and solution focused while maintaining a high level of client care. He’s the perfect mortgage professional to work with if you’re using the collaborative law process, mediation process or the litigation route.

Ensuring clients always get the best rates

We have created proprietary software that tracks clients’ mortgages and will instantly notify them if another lender/bank is offering a savings opportunity. Your clients will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they’re not overpaying for a mortgage.

Best of all, there’s rarely a fee!

Despite being a uniquely certified expert in this niche field, we rarely need to charge directly. Rather, we receive compensation through the banks and lenders when your financing goes through, just like a typical broker, in most cases.

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I was grateful that I was referred to John. He helped me navigate hard decisions during a hard time and provided insight to a subject matter that can be very confusing.

— Kay G.

John finds creative ways to get clients the financing best suited to their needs and situation, and will regularly find a solution which others couldn't seem to find.

— Scott B.

A Personal Guide to Mortgages

A Personal Guide to Mortgages

Have you signed a separation agreement yet? Worried about mortgage fees? Are you salaried or self-employed? Do you have high net worth and want to protect your assets and build wealth? Maybe you are a family service professional helping clients with their separation decisions and need mortgage expertise?

John Panagakos is the founder of Separation Mortgages, Canada’s first and only dedicated service helping individuals and couples secure mortgage financing during and after separation.

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If you’ve landed here as a professional with divorce or separation clients, or if you are navigating the frustrating barriers presented with financing during your own separation or divorce, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

There are no fees for using our services, in most cases, so let us know how we can help you.